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Gluten Free - day one


I have struggled with my stomach and intestines miserably for 2 years. I had a horrible parasite exactly two years ago that did damaged to my intestines, it wasn't pretty. The doctors were never able to find any specific reason that I couldn't eat well or would go weeks where I couldn't be more than five feet from a bathroom. (I know it is disgusting, I lived it.)
I had the "Maybe you have Irritable Bowel" discussions a few too many times but with no actual relief. Tried a few prescription drugs that messed me up. One gave me hallucinations, my next door neighbor dogs turned into trolls and yelled at me all morning to "Get out of your house." I was a grown woman calling her mommy for help that day.
I finally got a little relief a few months ago. No apparent reason for it, just sometimes my guts are in agony and sometimes it improves enough to function, work and be normal.
Last week the scary guts came back and after a few days of agony after eating I go into protective mode where I stop eating altogether. I resort to a few bites of crackers or toast and drink gallons of peppermint tea and water. You can't function that way and I found even that did not keep the agony away, now you add intestinal cramping to starvation pain and weakness.
I am pitiful at this point.
After a lot of prayer and a run in by my mother with an acquaintance, she shared a story of her own family's struggle with Celiac Disease. There were some definite parallels and once my mother and I discussed the possibility and started reading the book the acquaintance gave us we can see how this could be a solution.
I decided to go for it. There is no cure for Celiac disease but if you live Gluten-free you can feel great and actually eating without pain.
* * *
I am almost 24 hours into my gluten-free adventure and my stomach is calmer.

1st day - mom made me a soy milk shake, I boiled some brown rice and added a little soy garden margarine & later ate a handful of gluten free corn flake cereal. All tasted good, I was glad.

Today I had some more cereal for breakfast and it's settling nicely. Hurray.

* * *
Spent a few hours reading LIVING WELL WITH CELIAC DISEASE by Crangle. It's very informative and helping with the questions I have.

The next step is to figure out how to eat without Gluten. A family member has a gluten-free daughter who will be a great resource. I have also bookmarked a few forums on that may help.

I already found out that Pepsi and jello are gluten-free! Whoop! It's the little things. Honestly I have spent all morning trying to push the thoughts out of my head that are real and will affect me eventually.
If this trial gluten-free diet works and I feel better will I ever want to eat gluten again? Probably not. The pain is real and has worked hard at ruining my life.

If I never eat gluten again that means, no brownies, no pizza, no favorite burrito at the Mexican restaurant I love, but these are so little compared to the pain in my body just this week alone. I have battled depression and weight gain and my own sanity over my bodies inability to digest anything. If I finally have an answer why would I let the longing for a brownie ruin my chance at being whole again.

I remember what it felt like to have energy and spunk, I miss that desperately. My hope is all wrapped up in this.

Wishing and praying for relief.

Leah B.

Hmm... what's for lunch ???

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