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Reasons I love Music - Part 1

Part 1

A syncopation, the timing, the swell and pull of a beat.
No matter fast or slow.The drama of percussion- it makes me move!
The hook- that turn a song takes from being an okay song to the moment your heart gets tugged, briefly, and you have to listen closer.
It won you over!!
Unexpected, complicated
A dance between 2 or more instruments. The notes that glide together, then cross over, and when the moment is right, they soar.
I love the harmonies that speak their own language. Unison that values being unique.
The ultimate Ying & Yang.
Flowing together, a blend of ingredients to make something beautiful.
Leah Banicki


What a week

Oasis at GCC (Granger Community church)

Last night was so much fun!
I sang with the Oasis band, Stephanie McConnell, and Dustin Cornelius. (I hope I didn't butcher the spelling!)
The middle school kids, as always, had tons of energy. Johny spoke a message on leaving a "Legacy". It was inspiring!! Johny is a great story teller!
It is such a strange thing to me for the kids to thank me for singing for them. They bring me so much as an audience I feel I need to thank them.
I see God in their worshipping faces. It really is awesome!
The Oasis band, Mike, Scotty and Jeff. You guys love these kids every week. You put in the time and effort to bring these kids a great experience all year. God Bless you all!
Steph and Dustin, thanks for joining us last night. Thanks for sharing your talents!! I hope to do it again with you!

Leah Banicki