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I love the Stage

The stage-

by Leah Banicki

A simple platform, lights and a room full of seats,
Why is it so thrilling?
The lights are bright and leave the stars in your eyes
Front and backstage is usually dirty ...
The crowd not always the most responsive.. and yet
They are watching me... they care what I have to say-
what I am doing at that moment
The adrenaline of the performance starts before I got out-
and stays with me long after I finish
The crowds eyes follow me on stage, wherever I go they go with me
It's a drug... I'm pretty sure

and a privilege...


What is a "WANNA BE"?

This was a thought I had a few days ago and I've been pondering it for a little bit...
There is so much negative connotation for the
phrase "Wanna Be"
Sometime it can signify that a person is unable to get there but I was thinking about how many people were once "wanna be's" but after they pushed themselves they became it...
This isn't a song just an idea really- thought I'd share

Wanna Be
by Leah Banicki

I wanna be better than I was yesterday
I wanna be a better provider
I wanna be able to share what's in my heart
I wanna be a healthy woman
I wanna be a world traveler
I wanna be a good example
I wanna be able to say "Baby girl, it can be done"
I wanna be an inspiration
I wanna be a world changer


What do you Wanna BE?

Tell me....


a peaceful morning


~ a state of tranquillity or quiet

~ freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions

~ to end hostilities between those who have been at war



Today Is ---- I've really stepped in it now- Day

Today Is ---- I've really stepped in it now- Day


It takes 3 things for a day to be called this
1. A very early morning
2. A blustery morning (-5 below kind of blustery)
3. A bare foot

I should have said it takes 4 things but I didn't want to disparage my poor puppy. (I wouldn't want to go outside in this weather either.)
The snow is over her head in many parts of the back yard. We have shoveled her a path but it is still very cold.

Needless to say, when an early morning combines with a guilty puppy, and a bleary-eyed woman in need of coffee climbing over a puppy gate... What else should ya expect.

No one should have to scrape that off your foot first thing in the morning. The rest of the day is matching the mood that was set, but what else is a latte for but to turn those days around.

***Currently sipping on an overpriced Latte. Leah signs off....