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Books on the Brain

A writer's life is an interesting one...

Currently excited about my newest book coming out at the end of this month.
 - Daughters of the Valley -

I will have 4 books published... unbelievable!

Taking a moment to step back and consider all that is happening and realizing how thankful I am for the opportunity to have this career.

I am currently writing 2 series. The Wildflowers series is my main focus. 1850's Oregon with a passel of characters that I dearly love. Corinne, Angela, Violet & Clive are real to me and their stories continue to teach me things everyday.

The second series is set in the late 1870's with a young lady named Elsabeth Jameson... a cozy mystery series that excites me exceedingly. Funny characters and intriguing mysteries abound. I intend to finish book 4 of the Wildflowers series before I move forward with the new series but I will admit to taking moments of inspiration to write when I cannot contain a scene.

Not sure how to have more than one story in my head at the same time but I am thankful for the fun of having new ideas to share with the world.

My encouragement to all those that have a dream. Go for it. Use your spare time wisely and make it happen.

~ Leah Banicki ~

Set to release September 26th

Book 4 of Wildflowers Series