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One Month gluten Free

** Self Diagnosed with Celiac Disease - Blogging my Gluten free Journey **

One Month in the Gluten free trenches.

Slowly getting my energy back. Felt really toxic from the second week on. I finally got desperate and googled some ways to detox my body. 

Green teas  - mint, chamomile, cinnamon were my daily by the gallon choices
Epsalt salt baths - with baking soda added one day, raw sliced ginger another day, and real lavender essential oil on the third day
Essential oil rub - olive oil with a few drops of peppermint oil, lavender oil  & chamomile oil. Rubbed over my abdomen at night before bed and again when I got up.   (I thought it was a bit silly but I actually was less achy after the first night.)

I really noticed the difference 
after the baths, teas and abdomen oil rub. 

I took some alfalfa in capsule form and when I didn't feel sick from it I took a little more the next day.  Sometimes certain vitamins still really bother my grain-mangled guts. The toxic feeling started leaving and I actually was able to get some decent sleep for a few days.

The last few days my guts are starting to calm down and the random pains are lessening. I am determined to just go one day at a time.

What I ate this week:
Got some Udi's gluten free bread - Yummy
made toast one day and a peanut butter and jelly the next - pretty good

Made homemade spinach dip - SO DELICIOUS!!  I loaded it with tons of green veggies and am sad  cause it's all gone. It's the best thing I ate all week. Used almond crackers or corn tortilla chips for dipping.

Betty Crocker GF brownie mix - fudgie goodness. I got teary-eyed after the first bite. Even my hubby liked it.

Homemade cornbread - It was tasty but turned hard as a brick after a day. Will adjust the recipe.

I am hungry so I am off to whip up some gluten free goodness. I am anxious about the upcoming holidays and my ability to partake. Need to be patient and prepared.

I'd love to thank my mom this week for the cheerleading and dragging my sorry behind to the health food store. Mom, you are great company and I am glad we are in this together!

Leah Banicki
Gluten free since 10-8-10


3 weeks gluten free - still alive

There are many people who think that going Gluten free would be a life sentence to boring food. I have heard some people have refused to go gluten free even with a diagnose of Celiac's disease. That is sad to me. The more I read the more I see dangers of continuing without changing the diet. Danger's like cancer, infertility, seizures and more.
If gluten filled foods like pizza, bread & donuts are killing me... I can live without them.

The reality is, if every time you ate these things they acted like broken glass in your body eventually you would stop, if you knew.

I am not tempted in the slightest to eat anything with gluten right now. Seriously, I miss me. The singing , writing , social person that was Leah before my body went haywire.  I miss having the energy to work out and go to my kid's sporting events, ( I missed an entire season when I couldn't get out of bed because of intestinal pain when I ate anything.)  I gave up my singing , writing and living. It was a dark and lonely place, even with the love and support of my family.

Three weeks in  and surviving. First two weeks were better honestly. A lot of research has led me to understand that coming off of gluten can be tough. There is a detoxing phase. I am losing weight and its a sad fact that toxins live in stored fat. (I know, not pleasant to think about.) Had lots of leg cramps this week.
I have felt sick for two years but I don't know the damage that was done to my intestines. I am eating with the idea to heal. I am not worrying about how many calories. Though my habit is too barely eat and I am working hard to change my eating.

My husband says I still don't eat enough.  He takes such good care of me. He has embraced my new gluten free life and cheers me on.

Today:  made homemade cornbread  ( recipe)

So tasty. Had seconds with a little apple butter.

Organizing my gluten free pantry. Will probably make some muffins today too. Stocking up so I have some handy food so I eat healthier and more, to make me and my hubby happy. = P