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3 weeks gluten free - still alive

There are many people who think that going Gluten free would be a life sentence to boring food. I have heard some people have refused to go gluten free even with a diagnose of Celiac's disease. That is sad to me. The more I read the more I see dangers of continuing without changing the diet. Danger's like cancer, infertility, seizures and more.
If gluten filled foods like pizza, bread & donuts are killing me... I can live without them.

The reality is, if every time you ate these things they acted like broken glass in your body eventually you would stop, if you knew.

I am not tempted in the slightest to eat anything with gluten right now. Seriously, I miss me. The singing , writing , social person that was Leah before my body went haywire.  I miss having the energy to work out and go to my kid's sporting events, ( I missed an entire season when I couldn't get out of bed because of intestinal pain when I ate anything.)  I gave up my singing , writing and living. It was a dark and lonely place, even with the love and support of my family.

Three weeks in  and surviving. First two weeks were better honestly. A lot of research has led me to understand that coming off of gluten can be tough. There is a detoxing phase. I am losing weight and its a sad fact that toxins live in stored fat. (I know, not pleasant to think about.) Had lots of leg cramps this week.
I have felt sick for two years but I don't know the damage that was done to my intestines. I am eating with the idea to heal. I am not worrying about how many calories. Though my habit is too barely eat and I am working hard to change my eating.

My husband says I still don't eat enough.  He takes such good care of me. He has embraced my new gluten free life and cheers me on.

Today:  made homemade cornbread  ( recipe)

So tasty. Had seconds with a little apple butter.

Organizing my gluten free pantry. Will probably make some muffins today too. Stocking up so I have some handy food so I eat healthier and more, to make me and my hubby happy. = P

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