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What is a "WANNA BE"?

This was a thought I had a few days ago and I've been pondering it for a little bit...
There is so much negative connotation for the
phrase "Wanna Be"
Sometime it can signify that a person is unable to get there but I was thinking about how many people were once "wanna be's" but after they pushed themselves they became it...
This isn't a song just an idea really- thought I'd share

Wanna Be
by Leah Banicki

I wanna be better than I was yesterday
I wanna be a better provider
I wanna be able to share what's in my heart
I wanna be a healthy woman
I wanna be a world traveler
I wanna be a good example
I wanna be able to say "Baby girl, it can be done"
I wanna be an inspiration
I wanna be a world changer


What do you Wanna BE?

Tell me....

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