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Reasons I love Music - Part 1

Part 1

A syncopation, the timing, the swell and pull of a beat.
No matter fast or slow.The drama of percussion- it makes me move!
The hook- that turn a song takes from being an okay song to the moment your heart gets tugged, briefly, and you have to listen closer.
It won you over!!
Unexpected, complicated
A dance between 2 or more instruments. The notes that glide together, then cross over, and when the moment is right, they soar.
I love the harmonies that speak their own language. Unison that values being unique.
The ultimate Ying & Yang.
Flowing together, a blend of ingredients to make something beautiful.
Leah Banicki

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leah!!!
I was surfin the web and stumbled across your blog. I just listened to your songs and just wanted to say that they sound AMAZING!! You are such a beautiful and talented individual and I know that God is going to use your songs to touch the lives of others! I hope that this encourages your heart today! I miss seeing you!!
Charissa :)

- Check out my blog.. it's got my China picts on it... :)