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Gluten Free - day 2-3

**After a self diagnoses of Celiac Disease I have started a gluten free adventure. **

Just starting day 3 of Gluten Free -
I have just started recovery and still having moments that I don't feel well at all but they are getting further apart, (playing the glad game today!) The food list to avoid seems do-able but the hunt through my pantry is sad, very sad, 95% unusable sad. Feeling weak and a little discouraged from the "You'll never eat Pizza" demon that is determined to steal my joy. I will not let it!! (I said it out loud just now for the demon to hear.)

Starting a shopping list of ideas and finding it slow going, every time I think of something to make I do the GF (gluten-free) game in my head. Things I have learned in the past 48 hours.

Kraft Jello is GF
Miracle Whip is GF
Pepsi products are GF - (I know, not a good habit)
Reese's Peanut Butter cups are GF (Haven't eaten any in a while but good to know)
The list continued but these stood out as a good sign to me that my new alien planet has a few familiar friends.

I have been afraid of eating fruits and veggie for the last year because of bad reactions, most likely due to the wheat I ate with it. (Hoping)

I dared to eat some green beans and a plain chicken breast today. It was delicious and I am hoping my mangled guts can handle them, I need the protein and nutrients if I am ever going to get some energy back.

My mom took pity and did a little "free" shopping for me and got me some rice crackers. Thinking about Tuna Salad (All ingredients are "free")

All in all just trying to put together a grocery list and realizing its gonna be a lot of work.
Thanks to all my friends for the prayers and support. Now I just need enough energy to get the the store.

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