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2 Weeks Gluten Free

**After a self diagnoses of Celiac Disease I have started a gluten free adventure. **

2 Weeks in: Gluten Free

Love, Love, Love how I feel.

In two weeks of living gluten free I have energy back
have lost a dress size and decreased the anxiety in my head. 

Two years is a long time to feel sick and not know what's wrong. I have many friends and loved ones over the years feel sick for decades without relief. Their faith and determination kept them moving toward their own health. I had my own sleepless nights of pain and confusion and the hopelessness that sickness brings. 

Keep the Faith~
 I am a spiritual girl and my faith in God during the hard times was my hope. Trusting God was what got me through the rough days when the doctor had 'nothing in that black bag' for me.

The Food Issues~
I'd be lying if i didn't have a come apart or two about wanting a cookie or slice of pizza in the last two weeks but the improvement was so tangible I don't want to botch it for anything. I mean it!! 

My goals~
Keep up the simple eating plan. Gluten free and light on dairy is how I'm doing it.  Dairy is hard to digest and it was my choice to give my mangled guts a break.  I have had a little bit of dairy but limiting it for now.  

Gonna keep up the fight, get healthy and do what I love and gives me purpose and meaning in my life. To sing and write is my lifelong pursuit.  I feel so lucky to finally see results and the hope for a healthy life within my grasp.

Be Blessed & Healthy out there

Leah Banicki


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Susi said...

It's great to know what to do to get better!! I was diagnosed 2,5 months ago. In a way it was the happiest day of my life. If it's coeliac disease it will take a loooong time for your gut to heal though, so have patience (I don't, but I'm learning it!!). I felt better within 2 weeks of going gluten free but I still have a lot of problems and some folks don't even notice any difference until after 6+ months!!