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Leah's Writing idea!!

Leah's ridiculous idea of the day -

I was walking back from the grocery store near my work (Dr.pepper was calling to me) and saw something curious on the sidewalk. I glanced closer and saw it was a mysterious looking hospital wristband discarded on the sidewalk. It was blood red and not from the local hospital. ( I know, you have been injured too many times when you know that your local hospital bands are clear!)

The wristband gave me a murder mystery story in my head.

Here is the pitch -

Starting with an escaped mental patient who casually discards his hospital wristband. A young mother leaves for the store but never returns.

A small town detective struggles with her faith and the wrath of a small town when the missing woman isn't found. One clue, a blood red hospital wristband, was found near the woman's apartment.

     * * *
It was a fun lunch hour thought. I will add it to my idea pile and keep editing my existing book. Back to work!
Leah Banicki 

(Closet mystery writer)

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