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Wondering about Leah?

Started a new phase of my life doing something that I have loved since 3rd grade. Writing stories.
I have always been writing is some way or another between stories in school in every notebook I ever owned or songs in my music making days.

Adventure, romance, tragedy is just a few topics I would delve into. Keeping my stories in the realms of lifetime possibilities. Things I wish would happen or the what would happen if’s.

In college I had some goofy creative writing professor who hated my style and shared his prophecy with me that, “NO One will ever publish you because you write too straight forward and simple.” In that na├»ve 20 year brain I figured he was right and set aside my novel ideas and began songwriting.

A few heartaches later I was in need of a new start, something to rebuild Leah into a confident creative soul again. Fighting back depression with a big stick I got some inspiration from a self-publishing friend and found my desire to write reborn.

So now I am having a blast with a story I began years ago about the journey of a young woman, perhaps a bit wishful thinking about myself learning to face my dragons and get to my own authentic place.

So for those of you wondering if I just started writing out of the blue, I didn’t . It’s always been a passion of mine. I am just finally taking the time I have to put the stories down.
Learning the daily habits of novel writing has been a blast and I have great plans for the many ideas I have written down over the years. I hope my stories bless people and my characters feel like friends.

For the many friends and fans who are wondering when I will sing again please keep praying for me. I know I will get there, but for now just taking some time to build up my confidence again after a few bumps in the road. I am so thankful that my depression is getting better ever day, that God is giving me another chance to be creative and that I am finding my joy again.

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Pat said...

Leah, I love this site! Beautiful, painfully clear how you express your difficulties and your "wins!" I love are an "inspirer."

I am so glad God is pulling you into the place you were totally meant to be! This was YOUR path and it is increasingly clear ... this is your hour of joy!

Keep writing...I can hardly think about holding your book in my hand without feeling what it was like my first time.

Nothing will ever top the first book you bring to life! are on your way!