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A big to-do!

"Everyone was born with a purpose. God designed us for a reason.
~ You were born to answer a question for today's generation" Myles Monroe

A busy weekend

-a blog site
-a new website

This week-
God is so amazing!!!! My demo goes out! I have a peaceful excitement in me. I'm open and ready for whatever God wills for me. I'm so proud of my demo and so thankful for how it has all come together.
(Mike, Scotty, Tom and Jeff.... You guys rock!)
This whole thing has taught me about patience, and endurance. Mostly though I think I have let other peoples opinions about me go. I know how hard I've worked. How many years I sacrificed and all the crazy challenges life has thrown me. I'm still standing, stronger than I've ever been, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
I know who I am and who my real friends are.
Whatever happens with my music...
God has got my back!

I'm just taking His instructions one step at a time.

Leah B.


stephanie said...

Welcome to the blogging world cutie!! Now I can keep up with you, I am so excited!!

Judy Gregory said...

You Rock Leah. You don't have to rip off Jeff's sweatshirt (although you can), I consider you a part of the team. Pick one up when you get a chance. It'd be cool to see you sportin' an Oasis sweatshirt. We are blessed to have you at GCC and at Oasis on occassion.