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A Nod to Jane Austen

Just read an article about "The art of Storytelling" and one piece of advice was to take apart a favorite part of a movie or book and tear it apart.

Why do I love it so much, or why does it tug at my heart strings even after I have seen or read it so many times?

There is a a scene in Sense and Sensibilty where Mr. Willoughby, at the end of the movie, realizing he lost Marianne Dashwood forever. His mistakes and sins led to his own unhappiness.
Now we may have all enjoyed looking at Willoughby, for he was a fine specimen on the outside,  but his devious and malicious character was his undoing, and the undoing of others.

In real life don't we want those that have hurt us to feel a twinge of regret for what that have done to us? It doesn't always happen but I do have a bittersweet feeling watching Willoughby ride off on his steed after hearing the church bells of Marianne's wedding to a man who truly loves her. 

I realized while writing my book Runner Up I had a character that messed up. (No spoilers, I hope.) And like Willoughby had to face his own sins and fess up and face the music of his own making.

My book is set in modern time but I have the deepest respect for Jane Austen and her writing in Sense and Sensibility. The theme travels beyond the 19th century and into our lives. Where we face betrayal, love and loss.

Jane Austen, thank you for inspiring me.

Leah Banicki

 Runner Up - on Kindle

Currently listening to Sense and Sensibility on audiobook. I highly recommend it.

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