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Path to a dream

Had an interesting and motivating talk with my 13 yr old daughter today about dreams.

"We all have dreams." I explained. "But some people choose to pursue them, and some people don't."

I come from a motivated family. Entrepreneurs and out-of-the-box thinkers and it might be a bit intimidating to a 13 year old being compared to a full-grown adult's ambition.  But she still does have dreams.

She is right at that age... between 12 and 95, the funny in-between age and it is a challenge to decide who exactly she wants to be. She knows what she wants and we adults all have our ideas for her on how to get there, but... and it's a big one. How much does she want to get there?

There are so many lovely distractions for us all these days but how much are they helping or hindering us? I have dozens of research books and websites to comb through for my research for the book I am working on but have to remember to be balanced about the write vs. research teeter-totter. Otherwise I totter toward student and lean away from the writer.

For her the balance of social, TV,  school and such leaves spare time. How does she use that spare time? She does a lot of great things, but she also does some useless things too. We all do. There are few things we all could trim off the agenda for the day that wouldn't do us any harm.

 I asked - Are you giving enough moments 
everyday to your dream? 

The question produced an interesting answer. She answered an emphatic. "No" Then grimaced. She didn't like her own answer.

She got right to work on her dreams activity list. I was proud of her. It takes a lot to admit to having a fault in any area and I appreciated her openness to share what she really wants.

It gave me a lot to think about today for myself. I am pretty motivated at the moment toward my goals and have my own bad days of distraction or complete roadblocks that make me stumble toward my goals.

I know I need to keep my goals and dreams in my path daily to keep moving forward. While I still draw breath I must be what God made for me to be.

Hoping to pass that legacy on to my daughter.

by Leah Banicki

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