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A brave woman at Walmart

There was a woman in line next to Jeff and I at Walmart, with two young kids, probably 4 and 2 yrs old. The young boy had a pacifier in his mouth but was anxious to help his mother put the groceries on the counter. Jeff and I told him he was a good helper. He wanted nothing to do with us, a little bit shy. His mom smiled at us weakly and we focused on our items to be loaded.
There was a woman behind us that piped into the conversation.
"He is too old for that pacifier!" She stated.
The mother turned while her groceries were being scanned by the clerk and picked up her shy son who didn't want attention.
She said so bravely."I know, he was over his pacifier awhile ago but since his baby sister died last month I think he has needed the comfort." Her eyes looked haunted. It broke my heart into a million pieces.
"I lost a sister too, I am so sorry." I said to the mother and the shy boy and the sister wrapped around her legs. The looks on their faces said it all. Just breathing in and out and going through the motions.
So proud of her for being brave and standing up for herself.

For those who always have to dive into having an opinion about something that is not their business. Please stop, and for a moment  worry about your own problems.

Praying for that young mother and her family tonight, knowing her long road to healing will be rough, but those two lovely helpful children can hold her tight through the journey.

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