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Some Good Clean Books

Being a writer today has it's challenges, especially for the self-published. Trying to put out a good book that people want to read has been a challenge for every generation. Putting out a good clean romance and getting it in the hands of readers is even harder. 
Certain genres of writing have gotten a lot of attention lately but I am determined to write my stories for the young and old alike. 
A good romance doesn't have to shock you with inappropriate actions to be a great novel. Jane Austen wrote amazing and captivating characters that kept our attention and stayed in our hearts for generations. Today I want to focus on a few books that you can recommend to your daughter, your friends and your own mother. 
Great stories with memorable characters, fun plots and romance. After all we know what we love to read, we should be able to have something clean and good to go to. Simple as that. 

Today wanted to promote a good clean Romance novel by an amazing writer.


Edwina - by Patricia Strefling
Edwina is a small town librarian and loves her predictable lifestyle. But her stepsister Cecilia has other plans. As they are about to board a plane for Scotland, Cecelia is suddenly called away. Exhausted and alone in Edinburgh, Edwina collapses into the arms of a tall Scot. Anxious to meet his fiance, Alex Dunnegin whisks Edwina off to his castle and that's when the trouble begins.

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Patricia loves to tell stories about people so real you can live the story with them. From contemporary to historical her books are a pleasure to read. - Leah Banicki

I hope you enjoy trying out  new authors like I do. I found myself in a rut always going to the same authors and reading stories that seemed further and further away from interesting.

I am so glad I stepped outside my normal box and tried out some new and talented writers. It refreshed my love for reading. - I hope it does for you too.

Leah Banicki

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