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Writing about Romance

Writing About Romance

This newest WIP (work in progress) is a lot more about finding love than my first book.
I am a romantic soul that gets pretty giddy about love, for me or anybody else.  I adore the little looks that happen between people when the sparks start to fly.

Tonight I am writing a dating scene and feel all the highs and lows with my characters as the scene plays out. I am loving the challenge of keeping my stories “sweet”.  There are plenty of hot and steamy romances; I enjoy the sweetness before the spice in my writing. I am hoping my audience will too.

When I write these scenes I try to remember when I was first falling in love. That excitement/terror of it, the impatient times when you are certain you may perish before he makes a move or the fear that lingers when I missed the chance to say something and maybe he will start dating someone else. The simple pleasure of when HE first held my hand.(I still love it!)

The sweet torture it was to wait for that first kiss. Maybe it’s just me but that is what gets me happy. When a book can remind me about what I love about love, it's bliss. 

Back to writing my novel,  just wanted to gush and share my thoughts.

Leah Banicki –


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Pat said...

Gushing is good...we're all just afraid to talk about it! Glad you did! Enjoyed the blog!!

Patti H said...

Ah, the sweet terror of it all! That's what keeps us coming back for more. Well written blog, thanks for sharing. :-D