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New Bears Recruit -Does a Good Deed

My friend Jen Levell told me on the phone a few days ago about an amazing thing that was going to happen for her daughter. Joslyn Levell, 14 years old with spina bifida and wheelchair bound, got a date to the prom from a famous person.
I knew Jen had been struggling with helping her daughter cope with disappointment. As a mother we want to do as much as we can. Sometimes we can only love them through the hurt.

Dreams of dancing may be hard to swallow for  a girl in a wheelchair but asking 7 different boys to the middle school prom and getting told "no" might be a little more than hard to take. It would be devastating.

A chance meeting. . . and cinderella gets to go to the ball.

Read all about my friend's journey. From ESPN...
ESPN - Thomas makes fans dreams come true - Article
I have cried with joy several times this week with Jen, Joslyn's mom, when she told me on the phone  about what was going to happen, also when I got the picture texted to my iphone and again when I read the story on ESPN website. 
Sometimes good things can happen. I feel lucky to be a witness.  
Josyln, I hope for many more miracles for you, baby girl!


Jennifer Levell said...

Woot Leah Im so lucky to have a friend like you I could share this with!!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a precious story! Thanks for sharing it. It's great to hear about something heartwarming and truly "good" once in a while. Patti Harris