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Leah's Good Deed - Kinda

Out grocery shopping and was stuck behind a long line of cars at a red light.  As i worked my way up the line I saw a woman wrapped up in hat and scarves carrying a sign.

Laid off - need food for my kids.

I watched her get into the car in front of me and left her purse behind. I honked my horn before they took off but they were gone and her purse was sitting on the icy curb.
I was at a loss of what to do. Should I take the purse and see if I can call her or take it to her home, or leave it there at the mercy of someone who could steal it and not return it. I was convinced I should help, the light was still red so I jumped out and ran over to the cheetah purse still in the snow.
I was shocked by what I saw. The purse was empty but for a large empty bottle of vodka.

I left it there. Good feeling gone.

By: Leah Banicki

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