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Not intimidated! Anymore

So this new song released intimidate is a good song for me right now. It's a great breaking off point for me- to eliminate the people pleaser in me that wants to make everyone happy.
I hope I am a person that is kind, merciful and loving ... as all people should be. (i'm not perfect but I try to always show compassion and consideration for others)
In the past tho.. I took matters to the extreme. I believed that success was only in one type of package and believe that maybe I didn't deserve respect because I was different or emotional or creative.
My self-worth was always measured by some-one else's yard stick. Not my own.
I am learning to let that go. Be my own story.. with all the twists and turns that any "good" story has.
I can only live one day at a time, today was good... thats good enough for me. I have a plan for tomorrow and enough wisdom to hold on to it loosely because you never know what a day may bring.

Leah's lesson for the day.
Don't let the haters intimidate you. Just be yourself and be stronger. The greatest thing I heard this week when I wanted to climb back in the pitiful place again when things got hard. "They think you aren't strong enough to make it!" - My tears stopped so quickly it shocked even me. It was so true- I was letting an opinion take me to the place by my choice. They chose to say it, I was choosing to live it.

This battle is a long one with many little battles to fight. Thank God I have a support system who love me enough to say "get over yourself" every once in a while.

Hope you enjoy the song, and it reminds you to stand firm against those who draw their swords. Nothing enfuriates an enemy more than standing your ground with a smile. Try it, watch them squirm. :-)
Keep your chin up.

Leah Banicki

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