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Book Four and Beyond! Wildflowers...

Dear readers....

Well it is done. I have published my 5th book and a few readers have already sent me comments.

This is the fourth book of my Wildflowers Series and I am excited to be continuing the story of my 'Valley Girls'.

This story has been planned for quite a while. I usually know the storyline way ahead of the book I'm writing... When I created the character of Violet I knew right away where her story would go.  (No spoilers here!) But it was emotional and captivating to write to say the least. A few people have written me little messages that they could really relate with her story. That is the main reason I write. I do enjoy a romance but sometimes life gets in the way of those things when we honestly face the past.

Dolly has her own adventure in the wilderness. I know that a lot of readers hated that I just left off book 3 on a cliffhanger... I intended to add all of that to book 3 but it was not meant to be.

This series is such a joy. I get to let my characters live on and plan on writing more books to continue their story.  I see all of them growing old and telling the story of their children as I grow old and gray myself.

Angela & Ted are dear to me and I look forward to continuing their story.

Galina is growing up and may just have her own struggles to face.

Dolly is a woman who is discovering her own strength and may finally find her place in the world.

I can see that Cooper and Brody, and the Varushkin boys will be old enough to be young men during the Civil War.

As my characters keep living out their lives in Willamette Valley I can watch them in my mind. Growing in their faith and making a world in the West.

I do love my job and am happily working on the next book of the series.

Love in Full Bloom

One reader recently told me to write longer books... No problem. I think with all of my characters that will be easy to accomplish.

Please keep reading and leaving reviews. That helps other readers to discover my books too!

As always I update my Author page on Facebook often. So please join me there. Leave a comment, send me a message. I love my readers!!

God Bless - Leah B.

I have more books in the works and will keep everyone posted!

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