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Overcoming the Darkness

When the darkness tries to take over me, 

Flooding me with terrifying fear.

I shake and my tears are unstoppable.

Jagged thoughts and every hideous word ever said to me returns.

The thoughts are said in my own voice in my mind, 

But I know who truly speaks...

The dark whispers come from a defeated foe!

I cry out – with my tattered shreds of faith

From this place of ruin and loss 

and I...AM...HEARD

God's Holy Peace, 

Nothing missing, nothing broken, 

Is given to me freely.

I am His – He is mine. 

I am saved!

     ~ Leah Banicki


Anonymous said...

That is truly beautiful and comforting.

Patricia Strefling said...

Beautiful expression of hideous to safe, Leah! So many of us understand those words!

Patricia Strefling said...

Leah, thank you for writing what so many of us feel! And for the hope you extend through your words!