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How to read Kindle on your computer - by Leah Banicki

Being a new author is a challenge but being a reader shouldn't be.

I have answered many questions from friends and family about ebooks and how convenient they can be. I personally have hundreds of ebooks and don't own an ereader yet. (Hoping for christmas.)

The main issue I have seen is that people don't know that 
You can download Ebooks to Your Computer
For Free!

I will show you how. 

Step one: Goto 

The page should look something like this!

Choose PC or Mac 
 but know if you have any of the phones above the apps are just as easy to use. 

the next page has the download button.

Just follow the prompts to download and load your application.

Once it is loading you can open the application. 

You can See the LIBRARY button and any book you select will look like this. :)

When you read you have the single or double page option (shown below)
Can click on the sides or use Arrow Keys to go to the next page.

I love it because I can make the screen as big as I like. It works especially well for cookbooks.

The best thing about the Kindle App is that it's FREE.

There are a ton of free books available on as well as other sites. Like  with thousands of out of print and rare books scanned and upload by libraries around the world.  It is a readers paradise.

I hope this helped to introduce you to the wonder of how easy ebooks could be for you. I will gladly answer any questions on my page on facebook.

I am also an author but love getting people excited about using technology and enjoying it.

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Stephanie Boles said...

I read Kindle on my computer. Love it! Thanks for sharing.