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New Start - Broken hearted

Facing the world ... with a broken body and broken heart. As my family is coming down from the adrenaline of a whirlwind Christmas funeral it's hard to know what to do with myself. With a sprained ankle and bruised/broken tailbone , I know I need to focus on recovery. I am tempted every hour or so to lose my patience with my body. To be so immobile when I am desperate for a distraction is really frustrating.

I take turns praying for people in my life that are hurting, my mom & dad, my brother-in-law, and my brother .

I don't know if God has ever been closer to me. He is breathing for me, I think. My only prayer for myself has been pretty simple. "Oh Jesus please help me!"

Life starts back up tomorrow, husband to work and kid to school. It seems so huge a task but yet so simple.
My first day back to work will be hard, even tho it will be nice to have something to focus on. My sister's Ichat picture will be shadowed. It' s the little things that devastate us sometimes.

Looking forward to finding a song that makes me smile. Looking forward to losing the crutches. Just looking forward....

Leah Ort Banicki

~ Thanks to everyone praying for my family. All the encouraging notes and meals have really helped us through.

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