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Clapping Injury!

My most ridiculous injury to date! While performing this weekend I injured my middle finger on my right hand. WHILE CLAPPING!!

In the middle of a song I got that trigger rush of adrenaline that you know is your body telling you something is wrong.. while smiling and singing i was doing the mental checklist .. ok I'm ok and then i realized i couldn't move my finger. Once the set was done I went backstage and there it was swollen like a sausage... Very pretty!!

For a few hours I couldn't bend it or straighten it.. Basically i looked like I was casually flipping everyone off, whoo-hoo.
After a few ice packs and a good night sleep the swelling went down and I have normal use of a very bruised and purple finger.

Clapping is a dangerous sport.
I live and die by applause. LOL

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