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To be Blessed- A parable

There once was a rich man, full of wisdom, who had a servant. The servant was faithful and good and the Master wanted to reward the servant for the many good years of service he had given his master. He wanted to surprise his servant with a gift. Without telling his servant why, he asked his household servant to go to the barn. (there was a gift waiting there for him from the master) The servant kept busy and forgot about the instructions after his busy day and went home. The next day it happened again.The Master watched as it continued to happen for many days. The master became worried for the gift was one that would bless his servant and his family but he had to accept it. The master the next day got very firm with the servant, that he wasn't to do anything else that day but go to the barn.
The servant was upset for a moment and felt the master was being unreasonable. His duties had never required to working in the barn and he resented having to go there. But he decided to obey his master, finally....
A few days later as he saw how the blessing was affecting his life and family he was humbled by his unwillingness to be obedient when his master only wanted to give him a gift. He went to the Master and humbly apologized again and heard the Master laugh and say that he was never angry he just didn't want him to miss out on the blessing.

By Leah Banicki

How often do we sabotage ourselves by not
following well meant intructions.
Blessings pass us by because we don't listen or pay attention.
I hope I've learned enough in my life to never let another
blessing pass me by.


stephanie said...

It's funny how the servant didn't make what his master wanted done a priority. It seems like it's hard to accept change and do something different in our routine. We miss so many blessings by being safe all the time!

Kalie Holdren said...

This is an awesome parable. It teaches you to listen right away For the things God has in store for you are far greater than you will imagine.